SATSA Growth Affiliates

What is a SATSA Growth Affiliate

SATSA Growth Affiliate is a paid relationship with SATSA to receive industry updates, access to networking opportunities, and any development or skills development opportunities that SATSA opens to the public.

SATSA, through these affiliates, intends to have a pool of small to micro businesses from which to choose beneficiaries for SATSA AID programmes and eventually the future members of SATSA.

We aim to close the knowledge gap that exists by providing smaller businesses with information in real-time and allowing them to benefit from industry development initiatives. This will help SATSA to measure its impact on the transformation of the tourism industry of South Africa.


Who can become a Growth Affiliate?

Growth Affiliates must be recommended by an existing SATSA member, or partner, or through one of the various projects we implement.

It is open to Small to Micro businesses with annual turnover below R 1 million.


Benefits for Growth Affiliates

Knowledge and Information Sharing

Access to SATSA regular communication providing up-to-date industry information, including alerts to changes in regulations/requirements/fees, safety alerts, industry news and events, marketing, and other opportunities, etc.

SATSA Chapter Meeting Attendance

Access to SATSA’s Chapter meetings which provide a platform for reports and updates on member challenges and opportunities, networking, and industry-relevant guest speakers. Industry issues are raised through the chapter structure to the board level and filtered back again. Growth Affiliates are not able to vote during Chapter meetings, but attendance is encouraged.

Training and Development

Growth Affiliates will have access to SATSA’s best practice advice on tourism-specific business needs and regulations. This is in the form of SATSA-published Toolkits and Guides and a variety of training, skills development, and mentorship to build commercial capacity and skills. This includes applications for SATSA Tourism Business Incubator, local and international training sessions, as well as SATSA’s mentorship and other development projects.

Webinars and FAQs

Access to SATSA’s webinars to share updated information, provide specialist advice, and summarise various laws and regulations.


What are SATSA’s obligations to Growth Affiliates?

Affiliates are a non-member (i.e., no voting) beneficiary pool for SATSA’s Access, Inclusivity and Diversity Committee (AID). When there are development opportunities for small and micro businesses, affiliate members will get preference, but they must apply.


Annual Fee for Growth Affiliates

The annual fee per year will be R 500 excluding VAT. SATSA’s membership runs from 1 January to 31 December each year. If a Growth Affiliate joins during the year, a pro-rata invoice will be raised.


Becoming a Growth Affiliate

To apply, please email Shanaaz Taliep

An application form will be sent and once completed the SATSA AID Committee will review and approve the application. Once approved, supporting documents will be requested and an invoice will be issued.

Upon payment, the Growth Affiliate will be announced in the SATSA Membership Report, will be added to our communication, and will receive a Growth Affiliate Certificate.