Emerging Association Membership

What is an Emerging Association Member

As part of SATSA’s drive to assist with access, inclusivity and diversity, a new category of membership has been established.

This is open to any association, community or tourism forum that oversees tourism in a township, remote or rural area as well as newly formed associations, referred by a SATSA member or through a SATSA project.

Emerging Associations will receive full SATSA benefits and will have voting rights, but at a reduced annual fee for those that qualify.

SATSA understands that grassroots development is a critical part of ensuring economic benefit from the tourism industry for all. Not only that, but an organised structure at local or regional level raises the standard and quality of tourism experiences.


Who can become an Emerging Association Member

  • Emerging Association Members must be recommended by an existing SATSA member, or partner, or through one of the various projects we implement.
  • Associations, community, or tourism forums that oversee tourism in township, remote or rural areas.
  • Newly formed associations with a turnover of less than R 1 million per annum.
  • Members in this category must agree to promote SATSA to its members.


Benefits For Emerging Association Members

Full SATSA benefits, including voting rights, apply to the association itself. Read more here

Emerging Association Members are welcome to share SATSA’s industry news with their members, however, only the association will be able to access SATSA’s benefits and not the individual members of the association.


Annual Fee for an Emerging Association Member

The annual fee per year will be R 2000 excluding VAT. SATSA’s membership runs from 1 January to 31 December each year. If an association joins during the year, a pro-rata invoice will be raised.


Become an Emerging Association Member

To apply, click here

Applications will be processed from the system and the SATSA AID Committee will review and approve. Once approved, supporting documents will be requested and an invoice will be issued.

The association will be advertised as pending in the SATSA membership report. Should no objections be received and upon payment, the Growth Affiliate will be announced as a member, will be added to our communication, and will receive a SATSA Membership Certificate.